A mysterious Black woman

Yesterday while hunting for a picture to illustrate a future post, I stumbled upon this on Google Image:

Mystery Woman, front Mystery Woman, back

I do not know the name of the statue, who made it, where it is located… I spent some time on Google trying to find some info – or at least better pictures – but so far no luck.

My search only yielded one more picture:

The same, but different

It looks like the same statue, but judging by the background and slight differences on the face, it’s probably not. Also, this one has a more polished look. This may be because of the lighting or the weather though, or even the quality/settings of the camera used to take the photograph.

Whether one is a copy of the other or they are the same statue moved from one spot to another is only one of the questions the pictures arouse.

Who is this Black woman? Why is she standing, naked, her eyes shut, her hands frozen in this position? What is her story?

The artist did a very good job rendering her body. The strength here is in the proportions, and details such as the (suggested) bone structure of the legs. The statue looks like a real woman. The author did not aim for an artificial perfection.

I wish I had a closer shot of the head, especially the features of her face and the texture of the hair.

When/if I find more info (or better pictures) I will post them.


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