Monthly Archives: December 2013

Back for the first timeI’m the worst blogger ever. I admit it.

I can’t believe my last entry on this blog was 9 months ago.

I got sidetracked by Real Life. Lots of interesting stuff happening in the Real World…

Besides, there are days where being on the World Wide Web is more trouble than it’s worth.

The main reason for my disappearance, though, is my peculiar relationship with internet. There are times where I’m all over the net, browsing through websites, posting on forums and comment sections of blogs, or downloading softwares, music and videogames like there is no tomorrow. Then, for some reason, I lose interest. Or I get distracted by real life. It’s some kind of cycle. I just forget the World Wide Web exists, sometimes for months.

So, expect to see me disappear again, every now and then.

In the meantime… I’ll be around.